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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 08/08/2020 @ 11:04 PM

In support of interoperability (Blogspot)
Open software interfaces have been an integral part of the innovation economy. They enable the interoperability that has always let software developers build on each other’s work. And the interoperability....

Cadets learn to code (Blogspot)
Each morning at 9:30 a.m, Makayla Davis of Aberdeen, Mississippi logs on to start her day. Instead of simply watching TV, hanging out or getting roped into yard work, Makayla is learning cryptography,....

The Last Mile grows with G Suite Enterprise for Nonprofits (Blogspot)
In the United States, as much as 83 percent of formerly incarcerated people return to prison. The Last Mile (TLM) is a nonprofit on a mission to reduce the re-incarceration cycle by creating new pathways....

Make sure your video meetings are accessible for everyone (Blogspot)
In 2017 Professor Robert Kelly was conducting a video interview with the BBC from his home office when he was famously, and adorably, interrupted.Today, many of us working remotely due to COVID-19 can....

News Brief: July updates from the Google News Initiative (Blogspot)
As newsrooms face steep advertising declines during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re focusing on programs to help grow revenue for news organizations. As the nature of working continues to change, publishers....

Listen up: New features to grow your digital audio business (Blogspot)
As people listen to more streaming music, digital radio, podcasts, and even text-to-speech news articles, publishers have an opportunity to grow their revenue from audio ads by revitalizing the century-old....

Run audio ads easily with new tools in Display & Video 360 (Blogspot)
In 2020 U.S. adults are projected to listen to digital audio more than radio for the first time ever. As the audio landscape continues to shift more heavily to digital, marketers have more opportunities....

How Bridge Michigan turned new readers into paying members (Blogspot)
In November 2018, during an important state election, Bridge Michigan set an all-time record for monthly readers, with 380,287 people heading to our site for news. We thought it'd be a long time before....

Japan prepares for a changing economy (Blogspot)
This summer, Japan was meant to be hosting visitors from around the world at the Olympic Games. Instead, Japan’s people and businesses are confronting the significant and lasting impact of COVID-19. While....

A Creative Summer with Arts & Culture Experiments (Blogspot)
With so many artifacts and historic treasures from museums and cultural institutions around the world to explore on Google Arts & Culture, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why....

TAG Bulletin: Q2 2020 (Blogspot)
This bulletin includes coordinated influence operation campaigns terminated on our platforms in Q2 of 2020. It was last updated on August 5, 2020.AprilWe terminated 16 YouTube channels, 1 advertising....

Find new faves faster on Android TV (Blogspot)
Ever plop on the couch, turn on your TV, and get lost in a grid of apps? With so many TV apps, it can take over 11 minutes to find something to watch. Luckily, Android TV can make it easier—and now we're....

"News deserts" are getting a boost from local radio (Blogspot)
Rapidly developing news around the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement show how global events deeply impact us at the local level. Every community has been affected by the pandemic.....

Create through code with Grasshopper Gallery (Blogspot)
Since Grasshopper launched in 2018, millions of people with no previous coding experience have learned fundamental programming concepts. As students have learned the basics, they have told us they developed....

Tap into intent to generate leads (Blogspot)
Consumers are more engaged with businesses who can meet their needs from home right now–and they’re more willing to move on to those who can. In June, a Google/Ipsos survey showed that 32 percent of U.S.....

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Software News    last updated 08/08/2020 @ 11:04 PM

God mode, remote help, and video streaming: Windows 10 tricks the pros use (Fox News)
Windows 10 turned five this past July. Over time, the operating system can start to take its toll on older computers. Tap or click here for proven ways to make your Windows PC run faster.

Dystopian Deeds: How China's top-notch mass surveillance system threatens global freedoms (Fox News)
Every millimeter of Beijing is monitored by state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, according to the Beijing Public Safety Bureau.

Air Force and Navy air-launch ICBM (Fox News)
US nuclear triad exist to ensure a decisive retaliatory strike.

Rural co-ops join high-speed Internet race as coronavirus fuels demand (Fox News)
More than 100 cooperatives across rural America are now laying miles of fiber optic cable to connect their members to high-speed Internet.

FBI warns about rise in online shopping scams due to social media (Fox News)
Complaints about landing on fraudulent websites via social media platforms and search engines are on the rise, the FBI said this week.

Animal assassins and military mammals: How superpowers continue to train creatures for combat (Fox News)
Mans four-legged best friend has historically played a critical role in the military machine, however, they aren’t the only animal playing a pivotal part.

Air Force takes new step with nuclear-armed cruise missile (Fox News)
The US Air Force might deploy a new generation of air-launched, nuclear-armed cruise missiles earlier than planned due to successful design work, prototyping and conceptual development for the weapon. 

Florida teen's Twitter hack bail hearing hijacked by porn bombs (Fox News)
The hearing for the 17-year-old Florida teenager accused of hacking some high-profile Twitter accounts last month was hacked itself, with trolls streaming pornography on the teleconference call.

Google, Amazon, WhatsApp top list of hackers' favorite brands to imitate, report says (Fox News)
Google and Amazon have overtaken Apple as hackers’ most imitated brands, a new report says.

Air Force may buy 180 new B-21 stealth bombers (Fox News)
It is by no means impossible to envision a U.S. Air Force fleet of as many as 150-to-180 new B-21 bombers, should the service’s force-size vision come to fruition by virtue of the pace and success of....

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Latest News & Headlines    last updated 08/08/2020 @ 11:04 PM

Why a Black man from Louisiana is serving a life sentence for stealing hedge clippers (Yahoo News)
Louisiana's highest court won't review a life sentence for Fair Wayne Bryant, who was convicted of attempting to steal a pair of hedge clippers in 1997.

Out of work and with families to feed, some Americans are lining up at food banks for the first time in their lives (Yahoo News)
Food assistance programs across the country are preparing for another spike in need with federal unemployment benefits ending.

France and Germany pulled out of talks to reform the WHO because the US was trying to take control, according to a report (Business Insider)
The US who said last month that they will leave the WHO in July 2021, is trying to dictate the terms, according to several European officials.

Ship Called ‘Trump D’ Moored in Ukraine Brought Triple the Explosives of ‘Floating Bomb’ That Blew Up Beirut (The Daily Beast)
An American-owned cargo ship named after the president of the United States docked in a Ukrainian port has just offloaded 10,000 metric tons of the same chemical substance that nearly leveled the city....

The National Rifle Association faces its worst nightmare: accountability (USA TODAY Opinion)
The NRA is facing lawsuits and investigations for possible financial misconduct while losing the influence it once had on American leadership.

Should Judge Sullivan Be Disqualified from Flynn Case? An Appeals Court Is Asking (National Review)
Maybe Judge Luttig was right all along.I had the misgivings you’d expect back in late May, when I disagreed with J. Michael Luttig, the stellar scholar and former federal appeals court judge, regarding....

Woman confronting vandals covered in paint during renewed Portland protests (The Independent)
Protesters in Portland allegedly threw white paint over a woman, as demonstrators clashed with police for a third consecutive day.On Friday, following two days of protests marred by vandalism, more than....

Fact check: Sex crimes by public officials not connected to Ghislaine Maxwell (USA TODAY)
Posts say sex crimes by dozens of public officials are connected to Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Jeffrey Epstein. But they're not.

Fort Hood commander's transfer on hold amid investigations (Associated Press)
Army leaders have delayed the planned transfer of the Fort Hood commander, as a team of independent investigators heads to the base to determine whether leadership failures contributed to the murder of....

Former US soldiers sentenced to 20 years for bungled Venezuelan coup plot (The Telegraph)
A Venezuelan court sentenced two former US special forces soldiers to 20 years in prison for their part in a failed beach attack aimed at overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro, prosecutors announced late....

Hong Kong hits back at 'shameless' U.S. sanctions on leader Carrie Lam (NBC News)
The Hong Kong government said it was being used as a "pawn" in the U.S.-China relationship.

Phil Robertson: Democrats and Biden are 'senseless, faithless heartless and ruthless' (FOX News Videos)
Unashamed' podcast host Phil Robertson addresses President Trump's claims that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is 'against God' and later talks about the role religion is playing in the 2020....

UN set for showdown over US Iran arms embargo push (AFP)
The UN Security Council is set next week to roundly reject a US resolution to extend an Iranian arms embargo, diplomats say, setting up a lengthy showdown with repercussions for the Iran nuclear deal.....

A Sampling of Work From Mexico City’s Top Talents  (Architectural Digest)

Thousands of bikers heading to South Dakota rally to be blocked at tribal land checkpoints (The Guardian)
Clampdown comes as fears mount that mask-free bikers headed to large gathering could spread coronavirus to tribal groupsThousands of bikers heading to South Dakota’s 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will....

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