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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 01/24/2020 @ 8:51 AM

Discovering millions of datasets on the web (Blogspot)
Across the web, there are millions of datasets about nearly any subject that interests you. If you’re looking to buy a puppy, you could find datasets compiling complaints of puppy buyers or studies on....

A fresh way to revisit your online finds in Google Search (Blogspot)
Remember that chicken parmesan recipe you found online last week? Or that rain jacket you discovered when you were researching camping gear? Sometimes when you find something on Search, you’re not quite....

Improving 40 million Chromebooks for education (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This week, we’re at BETT in London, where you can visit us at booth SE30. If you’re #NotAtBett, follow along on Twitter and Facebook.On the Google for Education team, we think a lot about....

Unleash student creativity with Chromebooks (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This week, we’re at BETT in London, where you can visit us at booth SE30. If you’re #NotAtBett, follow along on Twitter and Facebook.My favorite part about being on the education team here....

What's new on the Chromebook App Hub (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This week, we’re at BETT in London, where you can visit us at booth SE30. If you’re #NotAtBett, follow along on Twitter and Facebook.In classrooms around the world, educators rely on Chromebooks....

Improve student writing with originality reports and rubrics in Classroom (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This week, we’re at BETT in London, where you can visit us at booth SE30. If you’re #NotAtBett, follow along on Twitter and Facebook.As students grow, their learning needs change. At Google,....

Iterate your way to success with A/B testing (Blogspot)
Many app publishers attempt to maintain stability in their app by not making any changes, despite the constantly evolving mobile ads business.  This approach can be detrimental in the long run by causing....

Supporting AI skills training in Molenbeek, Belgium (Blogspot)
MolenGeek started in 2015 in Molenbeek, Belgium, as a coding school for anyone to learn digital skills. But unlike many other schools, MolenGeek is driven by a social mission of fostering inclusion, integration....

Campus London calling: apply for Women Founders residency (Blogspot)
Only nine percent of C-level positions—and six percent of CEOs—at European startups are women. Of all the funds raised by European venture capital-backed companies in 2018, a staggering 93 percent went....

Manage audio and video in Chrome with one click (Blogspot)
We’ve all been there: You have lots of tabs open and one of them starts playing a video, but you can’t figure out which one. Or you’re listening to music in your browser in the background and want to....

A new certificate to help people grow careers in IT (Blogspot)
When Grow with Google launched the IT Support Professional Certificate, we aimed to equip learners around the world with the fundamentals to kickstart careers in information technology. Now, on the program’s....

Android Enterprise security whitepaper details defenses (Blogspot)
Enterprises regularly contend with evolving security threats. Their mobile devices and operating systems must create trust so IT teams, managers, and employees have confidence that their information is....

“Up and to the right” with Data Studio (Blogspot)
Millions of people from global enterprises, small businesses, governments and educational institutions are choosing Data Studio to make data-driven decisions. Over the last year, people used Data Studio....

A new way to find clothes, shoes and more on Search (Blogspot)
When you’re shopping online for something to wear, like a down jacket for winter or dress shoes to match a new outfit, it can be useful to see style options across lots of different stores. But with the....

Enroll in the new Advanced Protection Program in an instant (Blogspot)
We aim to secure all of our users with simple, powerful and personalized protections. The Advanced Protection Program helps high-risk users—like members of political campaign teams, journalists, activists,....

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Software News    last updated 01/24/2020 @ 8:51 AM

Job scams are getting easier thanks to technology, FBI warns (Fox News)
Not only is technology making job scams easier to pull off, but it's also making the scams more lucrative, the FBI has warned. 

Google just created the most detailed image of a brain yet (Fox News)
Scientists have created the most detailed 3D map of an organism brain to date. The mesmerizing threads of blue, yellow, purple and green represent thousands of brain cells and millions of connections....

New York City votes to ban ‘cashless’ stores in potential setback for Visa, MasterCard (Fox News)
The future of retail is supposed to include “cashless” stores, where shoppers pay with a swipe, or tap, of their credit or debit card – or with their smartphones. But New York City lawmakers don’t seem....

X Games Paralympian gets new cutting-edge prosthesis for Adaptive Snow BikeCross (Fox News)
“Monster” Mike Schultz is gearing up for his latest winter competition. The X Games Paralympic athlete has a new cutting-edge prosthesis that will take his power and vigor to the next level.

Amazon patent shows roving robots that could drop off items on sidewalks (Fox News)
Amazon is testing robots that can store packages and make multiple deliveries along their routes, according to a new patent filing.

New scary email scam goes after your banking info (Fox News)
A new email scam that goes after your banking information looks so legit it could fool you.

Navy fast-tracks autonomous undersea drones able to find and explode enemy mines (Fox News)
They lurk beneath the surface of the ocean with explosive power, often buried in the sea floor, denying enemies entry into combat-critical waterways.

Security leak or memory rescue? Find your saved passwords in any browser (Fox News)
Remembering complicated passwords is a nightmare. That’s why saving passwords using your browser is so tempting. But there are inherent risks. While you can see your saved passwords, so can anyone else....

Saudi Arabia denies Jeff Bezos phone hack, calls claim 'absurd' (Fox News)
Saudi Arabia has denied that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone was hacked during a WhatsApp conversation with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, calling the claim "absurd."

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' phone hacked by Saudi crown prince: reports (Fox News)
The mobile phone of billionaire Jeff Bezos was reportedly hacked during a conversation between the Amazon founder and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the WhatsApp messaging service, according to....

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Latest News & Headlines    last updated 01/24/2020 @ 8:51 AM

Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows two-thirds of voters want the Senate to call new impeachment witnesses (Yahoo News)
In a new poll, 63 percent of registered voters agree that the Senate should call new witnesses to testify during President Trump’s impeachment trial.

White Nationalists Arrested ahead of Richmond Rally Planned to Kill Gun-Rights Demonstrators to Spark Civil War (National Review)
Three alleged members of a white supremacist group were plotting to murder demonstrators at Monday's gun rights rally at the Virginia Capitol before they were arrested by the FBI last week, according....

Warren Says Bloomberg Should Divest From His Company’s News Division (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg) -- Elizabeth Warren called on fellow Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg to divest from the news division of his company “so there’s no question about his influence” over its....

A University of Minnesota student was arrested in China and sentenced to 6 months in prison for tweeting cartoons making fun of President Xi Jingping (Business Insider)
According to Chinese court documents obtained by Axios, 20-year-old Luo Daiqing was arrested after returning to Wuhan for summer break.

U.S.-Israeli woman jailed in Russia has not yet sought pardon: Kremlin (Reuters)
The Kremlin said on Friday that the possible release of Naama Issachar, a U.S.-Israeli woman jailed in Russia on drug charges, was being held up because she had not yet formally asked to be granted a....

Man apparently jumps from cruise ship docked in San Juan and dies (CBS News)
Coast Guard says surveillance footage shows what appeared to be a "clean jump" from the Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas," which was docked in San Juan.

4 killed in plane crash at Southern California airfield (Associated Press)
Four people were killed Wednesday in the crash of a small airplane at a Southern California airfield, authorities said. The plane went down at Corona Municipal Airport, about 40 miles (64 kilometers)....

Smugglers tried to bring 3,700 invasive crabs through the Port of Cincinnati (USA TODAY)
Mitten crabs are a delicacy in Asia and sell for about $50 each in the United States, officials say. They are considered an invasive species.

Poland pushes for Nazi camp in Austria to be remembered (AFP)
As the world marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of a swathe of Nazi concentration camps, the hitherto neglected site of the Gusen camp in northern Austria has become a bone of contention, with....

Donald Trump shares image of Barack Obama scaling Trump Tower (The Independent)
Donald Trump has tweeted a photoshopped image of Barack Obama scaling the walls of Trump Tower with suction cups and holding binoculars.The image, which was posted without a caption, appeared to be a....

Ex-Maryland police officer has been charged with raping and attempting to transmit HIV to a woman he pulled over (INSIDER)
A Maryland Grand Jury has indicted former police officer Martique Vanderpool on charges that he raped and attempted to expose a woman with HIV.

See This Nuke? Meet the Most Destructive Nuclear Bomb Ever Made By Man (The National Interest)
Thank god the Soviets never deployed it.

Rep. Ilhan Omar launches 'Send her back to Congress!' reelection bid with big advantages (Yahoo News Video)
Rep Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., is kicking off her reelection campaign Thursday night with a massive bank account and no challengers who pose a serious threat from either party. Her campaign slogan — “Send....

These 9 Dining Chairs Are Sculptural, Surprising, and Downright Sleek (Architectural Digest)

The American Airlines flight attendant union is calling on US airlines to step up precautions for the deadly Wuhan coronavirus (Business Insider)
The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has sickened more than 630 people and killed 18. It has spread to at least 8 countries.

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