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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 12/15/2018 @ 3:00 PM

How the Google Assistant masters conversations—and you can, too (Blogspot)
Heading home for the holidays? Here’s hoping it’ll be a joyous reunion with friends and family, with plenty of cookies to go around. But if you’ve already been dreading those questions from your great-aunt....

The latest AdMob updates: making more money with mobile app ads (Blogspot)
We know app developers of all sizes need valuable and easy-to-use solutions to earn more from their apps. That’s why we’ve invested in providing tools that not only empower you to build sustainable revenue....

Holidays at Google (Blogspot)

Helping families develop healthy digital habits with Chromebooks (Blogspot)
Parents care deeply about helping their kids build a positive and healthy relationship with technology. Last year, we introduced the Family Link app to help parents stay in the loop with how their children....

Say “G’day” and “Cheerio” to new accents for your Google Assistant (Blogspot)
Starting today, if you’re an English speaker in the U.S., you can choose between an Australian-accented voice and a British-accented voice for your Google Assistant across devices.All of the features....

Inside Brazil’s National Museum on Google Arts & Culture (Blogspot)
On September 2nd 2018, a fire struck the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest collections of natural history in the world. An estimated 20 million pieces were lost, including....

AI for Social Good in Asia Pacific (Blogspot)
More than 400 million people in the world have diabetes. A third of them have diabetic retinopathy, a complication that can cause permanent blindness. The good news is that this blindness can be prevented....

Find a better balance with our tips for Digital Wellbeing (Blogspot)
A good tool should make your life easier. That’s as true in the digital world as it is anywhere else. Today, people use digital tools to simplify and speed up tasks from finding a playground for their....

Travel that last mile with Google Maps and Lime (Blogspot)
You just got off your train and you have seven minutes to get to your first meeting on time—but it’ll take you 15 minutes to walk the rest of the way. You don’t have time to walk, your bus is delayed....

On the 12th day of holiday shopping, Made by Google gave to me... (Blogspot)
On the final days of holiday shopping, Made by Google gave to me … lots of awesome gift options.Twelve ways (at least!) to make your home smarter and saferHoliday lights are aglow when you turn them on....

New Google Marketing Platform connectors available in Data Studio (Blogspot)
When marketers can access all of their data in one place, they are able to make smarter decisions about where and how to spend their resources. While data tends to be siloed and it can be a challenge....

Six ways to take Playground home for the holidays with Pixel (Blogspot)
In October, we launched Playground on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, giving you the power to create and play with the world around you through your camera. Playground helps you bring more of your imagination....

Give back with charitable donations on Google Play (Blogspot)
In celebration of the holiday giving season, you can make charitable donations to inspiring nonprofits from the Google Play Store. If you’re in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, France,....

Year in Search: Movies, TV, music and sports we searched for in 2018 (Blogspot)
Curious which flicks, footballers and masters of falsetto have the fiercest fans? Year in Search might have a clue for you.You can explore both the global and country-specific trend lists here, but we....

Some changes to our service model in Europe (Blogspot)
Today we started notifying our users in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland about some changes we’re making to how we provide our services.  These changes will be reflected in updates to....

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Internet News    last updated 12/15/2018 @ 3:00 PM

Friday Is Going to Be a Huge Day for Stock Traders (Bloomberg)
Two major market events that have the potential to send U.S. equity volumes sky-high will collide Friday. The first is the quarterly event known as “quadruple witching” -- when futures and options on....

Amazon just accidentally leaked details about 2 new Alexa devices ahead of an event today (Business Insider)
Listings for an Amazon Echo Sub subwoofer and an Amazon Smart Plug were leaked ahead of a company event on Thursday. The subwoofer is designed to work with Amazon's Echo speakers, which would also get....

How Pepsi-Co, Tesla and Michael Jordan are helping the Carolinas (Yahoo Finance)
AnheuserBusch and other beverage makers donated cans of drinking water to victims of Hurricane Florence. Early estimates show that Hurricane Florence has left a $22 billion path of devastation in its....

New U.S. LNG projects, enough to double exports, on verge of launch (Reuters)
New US liquefied natural gas terminals with enough capacity to double U.S. exports have either begun commissioning their facilities or are waiting for approval from the energy regulator, a review....

GE says four HA turbines in U.S. shut down due to blade problem (Reuters)
General Electric Co said on Thursday that four of its flagship power turbines in the United States have been shut down due to a problem with turbine blades that was discovered at an electrical power plant....

Women supporting Kavanaugh find themselves in storm's center (Associated Press)
It started as a series of phone calls among old high-school friends and ended up embroiling 65 women in the firestorm over a sexual assault allegation that could shape the Supreme Court. In a matter....

Spending Bills Leave Conservatives Frustrated (The Fiscal Times)
Lawmakers have been passing spending bills with unusual speed and little fanfare lately, most recently the $854 billion package covering the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Labor and....

Polish president: No one questions that Trump knows how t... (CNBC Videos)
In a joint press conference at the White House, President Donald Trump and Poland President Andrzej Duda answer questions about U.S.-EU relations.

I Bought an Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass and It’s Going to Save Me $10,000. Here’s My Master Plan (Money)
apos;Iapos;m not crazy, but I like a value.'

The Canadian cannabis producer that was in talks with Coca-Cola to make a CBD-infused drink is reportedly targeting a US IPO in October (Business Insider)
Aurora Cannabis is planning for a US initial public offering in October, the company's chief corporate officer said. The Canadian cannabis producer was reportedly in talks with Coca-Cola to make a CBD-infused....

Morgan Stanley: DEA Likely To Reclassify GW Pharma's Cannabinoid Therapy For US Launch (Benzinga)
Morgan Stanley expects the DEA to drop Epidiolex from Schedule I — the same level as cocaine, heroin and other illegal substances — to Schedule IV, where Xanax, Ambien and Tramadol rank. At worst, it....

Steel workers gear up for strike, potentially derailing Trump's steel resurgence (CNBC)
It would follows another strike by 16,000 U.S. Steel workers that was approved earlier this month, and together, they could hinder what President Trump calls a "thriving" industry in the U.S.

Micron Poised to Report Great Results, but the Outlook Matters More (Motley Fool)
Analysts are starting to worry about DRAM pricing, predicting a rougher 2019.

It feels like Apple is being cheap by not including an important accessory with the $1,000 iPhone XS (Business Insider)
Apples new $1,000 iPhone XS doesn't come with a fast-charging brick. You'd need to spend $70 on the relevant accessories to fast-charge the $1,000 iPhone XS. With a starting price of $1,000, the iPhone....

The Things I Wasn’t Prepared for When I Purchased My Home (GoBankingRates)
This family shares some valuable takeaways from buying a home.

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Technology News    last updated 12/15/2018 @ 3:00 PM

Holiday shoppers need to be on high alert for email scams (Fox News)
Holiday shoppers need to be on high alert for spam-scams, a new report says.

Facebook 'sorry' for bug that may have exposed the photos of 6.8M users (Fox News)
A Facebook software flaw may have exposed the photos of 6.8 million users to a much wider audience than intended, the social network confirmed Friday.

Fox On Tech: Young singles navigate online dating in the Trump era (Fox News)
Theres no denying it: we live in a politically-charged atmosphere, and it's creeping out of the beltway and into other areas of everyday life - including dating! 

Facebook, Amazon struggle in fight against fake reviews (Fox News)
First we had fake news, now it’s fake reviews. A Fox News investigation has found that Facebook is a breeding ground for groups where reviews for products on Amazon, among other online platforms, are....

Fox on Tech: Google Plus data breaches causing more headaches (Fox News)
Google is in the gutter again with users and privacy advocates, in the same week the tech giant's C.E.O is defending the company to skeptical lawmakers on Capitol Hill. 

MIT develops incredible system to 'shrink' objects (Fox News)
Researchers at MIT have developed a system to “shrink” objects down to a nanoscale level.

Apple plans to resolve China iPhone ban with a software update (Fox News)
Apple and Qualcomm are not the best of friends at the moment, and the relationship breakdown is playing out in the courts.

Google hits pause on selling facial recognition tech over abuse fears (Fox News)
The ethical dilemma swirling around facial recognition technology has prompted Google to hit pause on selling its own system to the public.

Taylor Swift used facial recognition to thwart stalkers (Fox News)
As one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Taylor Swift has amassed many stalkers.

Amazon Fire TV gets 25 Sega Genesis classics (Fox News)
If youre looking for some retro classics to play over the holiday period, then you could go out and buy a PlayStation Classic or either of Nintendo's NES or SNES mini consoles.

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