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Google News    last updated 03/03/2021 @ 9:00 PM

Stadia Savepoint: January and February updates (Blogspot)
It’s time for another update to our Stadia Savepoint series, recapping the new games, features and changes for Stadia.So far in 2021, players have traveled the world over in the spy thriller HITMAN 3,....

A strong network of women changed the course of my career (Blogspot)
Kübra speaking at Women Techmakers Ambassadors North America Summit.In this post:Kübra Zengin found it difficult to break into tech in Turkey.She took a non-traditional career path into the....

Charting a course towards a more privacy-first web (Blogspot)
It’s difficult to conceive of the internet we know today — with information on every topic, in every language, at the fingertips of billions of people — without advertising as its economic foundation.....

New tools make children's books easier to read (Blogspot)
As a parent to two young kids, bedtime stories are a big part of our evening ritual. My daughter, who’s almost 4, can now recognize all the capital letters, but she’s still learning how to identify lowercase....

An open call for aspiring computer scientists (Blogspot)
For four weeks each summer, Google works with aspiring first-year college students interested in computer science, particularly from groups that have been historically marginalized from the tech industry.....

A modern mobile strategy for today’s hybrid work reality (Blogspot)
During a turbulent year grappling with COVID-19, businesses leaned heavily on mobility to adapt to hybrid and work-from-home environments. As we look ahead, it's clear that mobility will be pivotal to....

A global community for news product experts (Blogspot)
Digital products for news consumers are becoming increasingly more important for the success of news organizations, whether you're a well-established publisher like The New York Times, or a relatively....

Create a space for yourself in Chrome (Blogspot)
If youre one of the many families who share a computer in your home, or someone who uses their computer for both work and personal browsing, these stories may be familiar: You spent the previous day....

Hear how digital businesses grew in our new podcast, PubCast (Blogspot)
PubCast is a new podcast by Google that explores the stories of website creators and app developers who turned their passions into profit with Google. In this four-part miniseries, you’ll hear from founders....

Our 2020 environmental report (Blogspot)
Today we released our 2020 Environmental Report that outlines how we’re reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and working to help people everywhere live more sustainably. This work has....

From the seas, to more ZZZs: Your new Pixel features (Blogspot)
The best part of your Pixel is that it keeps getting even more helpful, and even more unique. With regular updates, Pixels get smarter, more capable and more fun. This latest drop is no exception, and....

Get to know our Women Techmakers Ambassadors (Blogspot)
Last March, Google’s Women Techmakers (WTM) community was preparing for International Women’s Day with hundreds of in-person events all across the globe. But as COVID-19 spread and people everywhere went....

The words of women artists, in the museum and online (Blogspot)
The artwork captions at a museum seem like such a small thing. Yet those short texts provide essential information: the identity of the artists. What would happen if we stopped and read them carefully?We....

For Rich Jones, starting a finance podcast just made cents (Blogspot)
In this post: Rich Jones, who works in people operations at Google, is the host of a personal finance podcast called "Paychecks & Balances." He hopes his show can help people learn from his mistakes....

Furthering our work with HBCUs (Blogspot)

Melonie Parker graduating from Hampton University, a historically Black research university in Hampton, Virginia.We have a responsibility to not only increase....

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Technology News    last updated 03/03/2021 @ 9:00 PM

Amazon tweaks app icon after comparisons made to Hitler (Fox News)
Amazon has changed its new smartphone app logo after critics said the earlier incarnation was a dead ringer for Adolf Hitler.

Youngest, oldest are most vulnerable to scams: report (Fox News)
Those under 25 years old are the most vulnerable to fraud attacks, while the oldest age group stands to lose the most money, according to a new report.

5 simple ways to speed up your smartphone (Fox News)
Long gone are the days of upgrading your phone every year, at least for most of us. It’s expensive and just plain overkill when today’s smartphones last much longer than that.

How to stop junk text messages and spam for good (Fox News)
Think about just how many times a day your phone, computer, tablet, watch, and other gadgets buzz or ding. It gets annoying and distracting.

Chinese hackers used NSA code to attack American targets (Fox News)
A Chinese group "cloned" code stolen from the National Security Agency years before a security flaw was fixed, researchers said this week.

Facebook apologizes for 'mistake' in threatening to ban 81-year-old woolen pig knitter for hate speech (Fox News)
Facebook has apologized after threatening to permanently ban an 81-year-old knitter who makes woolen pig dolls for hate speech violations involving the word "pigs." 

AT&T accused of lobbying against sanctions on Chinese state-owned telecom company (Fox News)
ATT pressured the Commerce Department to keep a Chinese military-controlled telecom company off the United States' sanction list despite its use of forced labor and other human rights abuses against....

Security Alert: Make sure unauthorized devices are not on your network (Fox News)
How many devices are connected to your home’s wireless network? It's easy to lose track.

Romance scams raked in hundreds of millions in 2020 (Fox News)
For the last three years more money has been lost to romance scams than any other fraud, reaching a record $304 million in 2020.

Ranked: Best browsers for privacy (Fox News)
A browser is your gateway to the web and the cybercriminals looking to take advantage of you.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 03/03/2021 @ 9:00 PM

North Carolina county commissioner and LGBTQ advocate launches bid to challenge GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn (CNN)
A North Carolina county official and longtime LGBTQ advocate announced Wednesday that she's challenging Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn in next year's midterm elections.

Mississippi moves one step closer to banning transgender athletes from women's sports (CNN)
Mississippi moved one step closer to banning transgender athletes from participating in women's sports after the state House approved a bill on Wednesday that could make the state the first in the country....

Lawmakers raise concerns over reports of National Guard troops being served 'raw, moldy food' at Capitol (CNN)
A bipartisan group of members of Michigan's congressional delegation sent the chief of the National Guard a letter Tuesday complaining about the food being provided to members of the state's National....

Warren proposes wealth tax on 'ultra-millionaires' (CNN)
Now that Democrats control the White House and Congress, President Joe Biden and other party leaders are pushing to spend big to revive the economy and address income inequality. ....

US preparing to sanction Russia over Navalny (CNN)
The Biden administration is preparing to impose sanctions on Russia over the poisoning and jailing of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny this week, two administration officials tell CNN. ....

Families separated at the border could be reunited in US (CNN)
The Biden administration could reunite migrant families separated at the US-Mexico border under former President Donald Trump in the United States, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said....

The Khashoggi report, annotated (CNN)

Wall Street is in for a rude awakening, former NY Fed president says (CNN)
Wall Street threw a fit last week when Treasury rates spiked. The stock market tanked and investors feared the economy was overheating. Former New York Fed President Bill Dudley is warning that the temper....

Alamo Drafthouse files for bankruptcy (CNN)
Alamo Drafthouse, the movie theater chain beloved by fans for its boozy milkshakes, theme nights and strict no-talking rules, has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Iconic Las Vegas casino sold for $2.25 billion (CNN)
Las Vegas Sands Corp., the upscale resort and casino company founded by the late Sheldon Adelson, is leaving its namesake city and selling its two Nevada properties in a $6.25 billion deal. ....

Sheriff hopes approved pay raises will help retain officers (CNN)

Man reunited with ring he lost 47 years ago (CNN)

Police: Man assaulted four corrections officers (CNN)

Family grateful after horse stuck in mud rescued (CNN)

Daughter takes job at nursing home to see dad (CNN)

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