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Google News    last updated 11/23/2020 @ 10:04 AM

“The Mandalorian” in AR? This is the way. (Blogspot)
In a galaxy far, far away, the Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies and rallying allies in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. But you don’t need....

A Fair Code for an Open Internet (Blogspot)
The debate over Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code is part of a bigger conversation about the nature and direction of the internet itself.  The modern internet was designed to empower individuals....

Help for Asia’s change-making nonprofit leaders (Blogspot)
As someone who came to Google from the nonprofit world, I understand how challenging it can be for nonprofit organizations to find the right resources and talent to tackle some of the world's complex....

Music from the heart, with an AI assist (Blogspot)
The next time you hear a popular song on the radio, listen to the beat behind the lyrics. Usually, a high-powered production team came up with it—but in the future, that beat could be created with help....

Honoring Black Consciousness Day in Brazil (Blogspot)
Editors note: Last night, on the eve of the Black Consciousness Day in Brazil, a Black man, João Alberto Silveira Freitas, died after being beaten at a supermarket in Porto Alegre, in the south of the....

How Project Guideline gave me the freedom to run solo (Blogspot)
Editors Note: At Google Research, we’re interested in exploring how technology can help improve people’s daily lives and experiences. So it’s been an incredible opportunity to work with Thomas Panek,....

Earn more this holiday season with engaging ad formats (Blogspot)
The holiday season presents a great opportunity for app publishers to earn more from rising CPMs. This year, as consumers continue to spend more time in apps, it’s even more critical for publishers to....

Music to our ears: "The Voice" is now on Nest Audio (Blogspot)
You know that feeling when you’ve overplayed your favorite artist? You know all the songs by heart, and you can tell when each key change is coming. We’ve all been there: a musical rut. It happens to....

Inside the Cloud Technical Residency with Tony Rodriguez (Blogspot)
Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.Today’s....

iPhones just got more helpful with Gmail, Drive and Fit widgets (Blogspot)
When iPhone 12 was released a few weeks ago, we launched helpful widgets for your favorite Google apps on iOS. Over the next few days, we’re adding more for Gmail, Drive and Fit—and Calendar and Chrome....

Helping you connect around the world with Messages (Blogspot)
Whether you’re making plans or just catching up, many of us rely on messaging to stay in touch. Messages by Google lets you start a video call from your conversation, message from the web, and use helpful....

Show love to businesses you love on Black-owned Friday (Blogspot)
When I walk into Vibez Juice & Vegan Cafe, I feel good. This juice bar and vegan cafe in Jersey City, NJ isn’t just a place to get delicious, healthy food, but it’s also a place that feels positive....

From Cambodia to Colombia, nonprofits spark change (Blogspot)
In Australia, a koala returns to the wild after surviving devastating bushfires. It’s safe and healthy thanks to WWF Australia. Over 10,000 miles away in Colombia, at-risk teens dance together in a program....

Digital transformation for Black and Latino publishers (Blogspot)
Even before we were all hit with the devastation of COVID-19, the newspaper industry saw the writing on the wall: It’s crucial to embrace a “digital first” business priority to remain financially sustainable.....

Our favorite "smart" stocking stuffers this year (Blogspot)
It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping. We all know how tough it can be to find that perfect gift to fit all the different people in our lives, and the last thing anyone wants to do is give....

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Software News    last updated 11/23/2020 @ 10:04 AM

Pentagon builds new sensing weapons for space war (Fox News)
A 6thGeneration stealth fighter has already taken flight, a new class of ICBMs will soon fly through space, hundreds of new Low Earth Orbit satellites are shooting up beyond the earth’s atmosphere and....

21 problem-solving gadgets that’ll help make your tech troubles disappear (Fox News)
When’s the last time your phone died while you were away from home? Have you ever shattered your screen? What about when all the charging cords in the house mysteriously disappear?

Navy destroyers might kill hypersonic missile attacks (Fox News)
Having a Navy destroyer able to take out ICBMs is a development that radically impacts strategic and tactical dynamics associated with missile defense in a way that multiplies defenses in unprecedented....

Use Google? 5 new ways to secure your account (Fox News)
I found a few fun facts from a recent Digital Shadows report interesting. Some 15 billion stolen account passwords from over 100,000 data breaches are available on the web.

Leading Christian faith app exposed users' data, say researchers (Fox News)
Praycom which offers a Christian faith app that has been downloaded over 1 million times, has been "leaking" user data, researchers from cybersecurity firm vpnMentor told Fox News.

Coronavirus tests delivered by drone pilot project in Texas (Fox News)
COVID19 test kits are being delivered by drone in an El Paso pilot project that involves Walmart and Quest Diagnostics.

Billionaire CEO vows to fight for working class against Big Tech censorship (Fox News)
Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter "crossed the line" censoring working-class America, billionaire tech firm CEO Peter Rex told "Fox & Friends."

Massive list of Wisconsin voter data circulating on cybercriminal forum, researcher says (Fox News)
The personal information of Wisconsin voters may have been purchased and posted to a cybercriminal website, cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows said in a note obtained by Fox News.

Pentagon pursues 'hack proof' fighter jets and armored war vehicles (Fox News)
What if an armored combat vehicle was rapidly moving to enemy contact through rigorous terrain while facing enemy fire, when its navigational and targeting systems were suddenly given false, wrong or....

Future Navy attack submarine for 2030 - bigger, more lethal, stealthier (Fox News)
The Navy’s future attack submarines for the 2030s will be bigger, faster, more autonomous, networked and stealthier than the existing Virginia-class attack boats because greater size will allow for more....

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Latest Headlines    last updated 11/23/2020 @ 10:04 AM

Wall Street Analysts Say These 5 Stocks Are A Buy As The World Prepares For The Post-COVID-19 Era (Benzinga)

Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Buy General Electric (TheStreet.com)

Elizabeth Holmes Doesn't Want Jury To Hear How Much She Made, Court Filings Show (Benzinga)

A Tiny Electric Vehicle From China Is on a Wild Ride in the Market (Barrons.com)

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is 'skeptical' about student loan forgiveness (Yahoo Finance)

DPW's stock soars after Coolisys EV charger sub sets up fast-food franchisee partner program (MarketWatch)

Nio: The Future Looks Bright, Says Analyst (TipRanks)

Will you get a second $1,200 stimulus check by Christmas? (MoneyWise)

Tesla’s stock surges to a record as Wedbush analyst raises bull-case target to $1,000 (MarketWatch)

Why Savers Pursuing Early Retirement Should Consider Limiting 401 (Barrons.com)

Arrival, the latest EV company set to enter the public markets (Yahoo Finance)

Josh Brown Predicts Year-End Market Melt-Up, Bets On Reopening Stocks (Benzinga)

A Massive Year-End Profit Boom Is Coming At 12 Companies (Investor's Business Daily)

Ideanomics stock soars after doubling investment in electric tractor maker (MarketWatch)

Niu Earnings Disappoint, E-Scooter Maker Falls (Investor's Business Daily)

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