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Google News    last updated 10/18/2021 @ 9:48 AM

NBA fans can get closer to the game with Google and Pixel (Blogspot)
At Google, we are passionate about helping people get access to information. And as a lifelong basketball fan, I know this is especially important in sports fandom. That’s why I’m personally excited to....

Celebrating frontline photojournalist Mohamed Amin (Blogspot)
This week, Kenya is celebrating Mashujaa Day, or National Heroes Day, when we honor people who have made great contributions to our nation and the world. A true son of Africa and one of our heroes is....

How Googlers are making unseen disability visible at work (Blogspot)
Five years ago, I discovered that I had left temporal epilepsy, a condition that causes unprovoked seizures. To manage it, I was prescribed medication. While the medication controls the brain activity,....

HLTH: Building on our commitments in health (Blogspot)
Tonight kicked off the HLTH event in Boston that brings together leaders across health to discuss healthcare's most pressing problems and how we can tackle them to improve care delivery and outcomes.Over....

Qubit the dog on the big questions in quantum computing (Blogspot)
This week we sat down for an interview with Qubit the dog, whose human Julian Kelly is one of our lead Research Scientists with Google Quantum AI. Qubit was born in 2012, right when Julian and team were....

Check out Chromebook’s new accessibility features (Blogspot)
With accessibility features on Chromebooks, we want everyone to have a good experience on their computer – so people can get things done, families can play together, students and teachers can learn together,....

Why we should rethink accessibility as customization (Blogspot)
As a Technical Writer for Google Cloud who’s worked in this industry for more than 20 years, technology has had a big impact on my life. It led me to a job that I love, and it keeps me connected to co-workers,....

Future-proof your measurement with the new Google Analytics (Blogspot)

Continuous scrolling comes to Search on mobile (Blogspot)
At Google, we’re always exploring new ways to help people find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Earlier this year, we launched a redesign of the Search results page on mobile for a more modern....

The best of Google available on Samsung Galaxy foldables (Blogspot)
From split-screen multitasking with the power of Google Workspace apps to hands-free Duo calls in Flex mode, Google and Samsung continue to work together to create more helpful experiences on Android....

Countering threats from Iran (Blogspot)
Google’s Threat Analysis Group tracks actors involved in disinformation campaigns, government backed hacking, and financially motivated abuse. We have a long-standing policy to send you a warning if we....

Explore impossible exhibitions in 3D (Blogspot)
Since we launched our first Pocket Gallery in 2018, the culturally curious from all across the globe have used augmented reality to step inside our ever-growing collection of virtual galleries created....

Happy 5th birthday, Google Assistant! (Blogspot)
We launched Google Assistant five years ago — and back then, it sometimes felt a bit strange to ask our devices for help. Now, digital assistants are part of daily life for millions of people around the....

These researchers are driving health equity with Fitbit (Blogspot)
Underresourced communities across the country have long faced disparities in health due to structural and long-standing inequities. Unfortunately, the pandemic has further widened many of these gaps.Still,....

We analyzed 80 million ransomware samples – here’s what we learned (Blogspot)
Leaders at organizations across the globe are witnessing the alarming rise of ransomware threats, leaving them with the sobering thought that an attack on their business may be not a matter of if, but....

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Technology News    last updated 10/18/2021 @ 9:48 AM

Tech how-to: Show photos saved on your phone on your TV (Fox News)
If you’re not watching anything on your TV, why not display your favorite photos? Here are a few easy ways to get the job done, straight from your phone.

Still using Facebook? 3 ways to make sure it's not listening (Fox News)
They are always listening for the wake word, and tech companies admit smart assistants mishear commands more often than any of us would like.

Tech tip: Digitize your handwritten notes or copy text from a photo (Fox News)
OK I admit it. I’m a sucker for the latest gadget. I bought a smart notebook with all the upgrades to write my daily to-do lists digitally. Yeah, $600 later, I’ve used it eleven times.

Black Friday shortages are real: Amazon shopping tips to get what you want and still save money (Fox News)
The holiday shopping season arrives earlier every year. In 2021, it’s not only a retailer’s strategy to get you to spend more money. Supply chain disruptions and chip shortages mean buying specific items....

Tech cleanup: Files and folders taking valuable storage from your PC (Fox News)
The longer we keep our devices, the more cluttered they become

9 photos you should always have on your phone (Fox News)
Your phone’s photo library is good for more than just selfies and pictures of food for Instagram.

Trudeau: Canada's decision on whether to allow Huawei is coming (Fox News)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that Canada will decide within weeks whether to allow Chinese tech giant Huawei into the country’s next-generation 5G wireless networks

Google knows what you type, watch, and say — unless you take these steps (Fox News)
Did you know your entire Google history is accessible online?

Tech is expensive! Ways you’re wasting money and smart fixes to save (Fox News)
With shiny new gear popping up daily and yet another streaming service there to woo you, it’s hard to stop the flow of cash.

Your apps are watching everywhere you go unless you change this setting (Fox News)
We used to download apps, enable permissions, and share data without giving it a second thought. These days, most people want more control over their info.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 10/18/2021 @ 9:48 AM

US hasn't seen worker anger like this in decades (CNN)
• Union calls deal to avert strike 'a Hollywood ending' • Watch: Six rotors. 200mph. This may be the future of transportation • A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs ....

Brooklyn woman arrested in connection with suspected arson at a Jewish school (CNN)
The New York Police Department arrested a 39-year-old Brooklyn woman Sunday in connection with a suspected arson at the Jewish school Yeshiva of Flatbush, according to a tweet from the department. ....

3 dead and police officer stabbed in the neck in Fort Smith, Arkansas incident (CNN)
Three people are dead and a police officer is recovering from being stabbed in the neck in an incident at a residence in Fort Smith, Arkansas, police said.

Biden admin tells Supreme Court that Gitmo detainee can provide limited testimony (CNN)
The Biden administration has informed the Supreme Court that Abu Zubaydah, a former associate of Osama bin Laden who was subject to enhanced interrogation techniques in a CIA detention center and is currently....

The secret customs of the Supreme Court (CNN)
Much of the US Supreme Court's business occurs in private, as the nine justices meet alone around a rectangular table in a small oak-paneled room.

Trump's top election targets are outraising their opponents (CNN)
Four Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach or convict former President Donald Trump over his role in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol outraised the candidates he has endorsed to oust them, new....

Prosecutors expected to close case against Giuliani associate this week (CNN)
Federal prosecutors in New York are expected to rest their campaign finance case against Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas this week.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak injured in car accident (CNN)
Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak was hurt in a two-car accident Sunday, his office announced.

Pork is already expensive. This animal-welfare law could push prices higher (CNN)
Pork much like everything else these days, has gotten more expensive due in part to the supply chain issues and inflationary pressures spurred by the pandemic.

'Halloween Kills' slays at the box office (CNN)
Michael Myers made a killing at the box office, even though he was also streaming.

What are carbon offsets and do they work? (CNN)
Companies and people who want to cancel out the impact of their emissions on the climate often turn to something called carbon offsetting.

St. Margaret Mary marks 85th anniversary with special mass, festival (CNN)

Non-profit hands out gun safes to gun owners (CNN)

First African American to lead national guard (CNN)

Student burned after 'intentional' bus fire (CNN)

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