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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 01/24/2021 @ 7:46 AM

A Google designer takes us inside Search’s mobile redesign (Blogspot)
The beginning of a new year inspires people everywhere to make changes. It's when many of us take stock of our lives, our careers or even just our surroundings and think about what improvements we can....

Mel Silva's opening statement to the Senate Economics Committee Inquiry (Blogspot)
Editor’s Note: Today Google Australia’s Managing Director, Mel Silva, appeared at a public hearing of the Senate Economics Legislation Committee that is reviewing a proposed new law, the News Media Bargaining....

8 Facts about Google and the News Media Bargaining Code (Blogspot)
Today we appeared at a public hearing of the Senate Committee that is reviewing a proposed new law, the News Media Bargaining Code. You can read Mel Silva’s opening statement here.As we said at the hearing,....

21 websites and apps to make your 2021 better (Blogspot)
Google Registry is always on the lookout for interesting websites that have launched using our top-level domains. 2020 was a rough year, so to help you make 2021 (at least a little bit) better, we’ve....

How Emily Garcia found her dream job in consumer hardware (Blogspot)
Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.Today’s....

Vietnam awaits you with wonders (Blogspot)
With its beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes, fresh food and vibrant culture, travelers the world over have been enchanted by Vietnam. In fact, in 2019, Vietnam welcomed 18 million international....

New global publications sign on to News Showcase (Blogspot)
The events of this past year have proven that providing access to diverse, high-quality news sources is more important than ever. Whether it’s information about COVID-19, the latest environmental story....

Help build a digital future in Central and Eastern Europe (Blogspot)
Technology has been a lifeline for many European businesses and communities throughout the pandemic—from helping people find accurate health information and buy groceries online to finding new ways to....

Changing the narrative around mental health at work (Blogspot)
It can be debilitatingly lonely to live with a mental health disorder. I began my mental health journey in 2013, when I was diagnosed with depression in my final year of college. Soon after, I began publicly....

Still Dreaming: A tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Blogspot)
Today we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through reflecting on our history and volunteering our time to help our communities. At Google, we see his enormous contributions and his....

Google's $53 billion impact in Australia (Blogspot)
Today I’m pleased to launch Google’s 2020 Economic Impact Report - a look at our role in Australia which shows we’re providing businesses and our users with a combined $53 billion in benefits every year. Key....

AG Paxton’s misleading attack on our ad tech business (Blogspot)
In December, Texas Attorney General Paxton filed a complaint about our ad tech business and hired contingency-fee plaintiff lawyers to handle the case. We look forward to showing in court why AG Paxton’s....

A key milestone for privacy-centric measurement on YouTube (Blogspot)
In October of 2019, we announced that we are continuing to take action to limit the pixels we allow on YouTube, while investing in our cloud-based, privacy-centric measurement and analytics solution called....

News Brief: December updates from the Google News Initiative (Blogspot)
2020 was a year no one expected, and journalists all over the world responded to upheaval by keeping their communities informed. As we closed out the year, Latin American newsrooms demonstrated how technology....

The best of Google, now in new devices (Blogspot)
Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, technology should work for you. This week during a virtual CES and Galaxy Unpacked, we were introduced to a lineup of new products that do exactly that, all....

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Technology News    last updated 01/24/2021 @ 7:46 AM

Iranian supreme leader's website shares threatening image of Trump (Fox News)
Twitter suspended one of several accounts linked to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after it tweeted the same image, telling FOX Business that the account violated its platform manipulation and spam policy, "specifically....

Navy fast-tracks 'on-time' delivery of nuclear-armed Columbia-class submarine (Fox News)
The entire premise of undersea strategic deterrence is based on the need for nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines to hold potential attackers at risk of catastrophic destruction, without being found,....

Live Updates: Left-wing activist charged in Capitol riot still active on Twitter, despite Trump ban (Fox News)
John Sullivan, 26, recorded an up-close video of a woman’s fatal shooting during the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

New Navy destroyer-fired laser will change maritime war (Fox News)
When the Navy is ready to deploy a new 60kw ship-fired laser weapon from a destroyer later this year, maritime attack strategy and tactics will enter new dimensions of massive warfare on the open seas.

Navy to deploy destroyers with new laser attack weapon (Fox News)
Navy destroyers will soon be armed with high-powered, precision 60kw laser weapons that can track and incinerate attacking drone targets at sea, bringing new “at-the-speed-of-light” attack technology....

Signal messaging service back up after outage caused by surge in demand (Fox News)
Secure messaging service Signal is back up and running after suffering an outage caused by a surge in demand.

Parler CEO: 'No indication' Big Tech shutdown threats were 'deadly serious' until last minute (Fox News)
Big Tech giants Amazon, Apple and Google gave no indication to upstart social media platform Parler until the very last moment that their threats to pull the plug were "deadly serious," Parler CEO John....

15 smart products to help you kick your bad habits in 2021 (Fox News)
A new year always brings a fresh start, and we can all use that after 2020. The stressful year might have even left you with a few new not-so-great habits you want to kick.

LIVE UPDATES: North Dakota bill would allow lawsuits over big tech censorship (Fox News)
Follow below for updates on Big Tech censorship.

LIVE UPDATES: Parler CEO forced into hiding, court filing says (Fox News)
Follow for the latest updates on big tech censorship.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 01/24/2021 @ 7:46 AM

CDC reviewing new data that suggests coronavirus variant identified in UK could be more deadly (CNN)
Scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Protection are speaking with UK health officials to learn more about British data that suggests a new coronavirus variant could be more deadly. ....

FAA employee and Snapchat live-streamer among two facing new charges in connection with Capitol riot (CNN)
The Justice Department has unveiled new criminal charges against two alleged Capitol rioters.

Seattle police chief announces tighter policy for prosecuting vandalism (CNN)
People who destroy property in Seattle will be arrested under a tighter policy coordinated between the Seattle Police Department and Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, police said. ....

Here's why protesters say they're gathering in Portland (CNN)
Protesters again took to the streets of Portland, Oregon, on Thursday -- the first full day of Joe Biden's presidency -- to let the Democratic establishment know they are still fighting for racial justice,....

Impeachment complicates Biden's efforts to unify (CNN)
President Joe Biden spent his first week in office trying to convince the nation to see themselves not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans united in defeating the pandemic. Then on Friday night,....

Washington Monument closed 'until further notice' due to Covid-19 (CNN)
The Washington Monument will be closed "until further notice" due to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Park Service said Saturday in a statement.

Idaho's Republican governor blasts his own party's efforts to end his Covid-19 emergency declaration (CNN)
Republican Idaho Gov. Brad Little issued sharp criticism of the state Legislature's efforts to repeal a Covid-19 emergency declaration in a video statement released Friday. ....

Group of Democratic lawmakers urge Biden to commute the sentences of death row prisoners (CNN)
Democratic Reps. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Cori Bush of Missouri on Friday led a group of 35 lawmakers in urging President Joe Biden to commute the sentences of all federal prisoners on death....

Devoted customers help rescue BBQ restaurant on the brink of eviction (CNN)
The pandemic has been devastating for most small business owners. But for some, it also has brought out the compassion and generosity of their local communities and customers. ....

Analysis: Rotting fish, lost business and piles of red tape. The reality of Brexit hits Britain (CNN)
Brexit might be done and dusted, but its specter will loom over Britain for a long time yet.

How to buy bitcoin without all the risk of buying bitcoin (CNN)
Bitcoin is up more than 260% over the past 12 months -- a stellar ride -- yet owning the asset is fraught with risks including wild swings in cryptocurrency prices. But there are several ways for investors....

81-year-old nursing assistant recognized for perfect attendance (CNN)

Stats show one PA county extra lucky at lottery (CNN)

Man loses $80K life savings after bank transfer (CNN)

Leaders react to death of Henry "Hank" Aaron (CNN)

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