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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 05/16/2022 @ 3:00 AM

Meet the entrepreneur connecting Kenyans to healthy food (Blogspot)
When Binti Mwallau started Hasanat Ventures, her dairy processing company in Kenya, she expected some resistance from her peers in an industry dominated by men. But she was surprised to run into more....

Stadia Savepoint: April updates (Blogspot)
It’s time for another round of our Savepoint series, where we recap the new games, features and updates available on Stadia.

Shared success in building a safer open source community (Blogspot)
Today we joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), Linux Foundation and industry leaders for a meeting to continue progressing the open source software security initiatives discussed during....

YouTube receives brand safety distinction for second year (Blogspot)
At YouTube, we’re committed to protecting our viewers, creators and advertisers. Last year, we became the first digital platform to receive content-level brand safety accreditation from the Media Rating....

New ways to stay connected and entertained in your car (Blogspot)
Our work in cars has always been guided by our goal to help make your driving experience easier and safer. Today, we’re introducing several updates for cars compatible with Android Auto and cars with....

100 things we announced at I/O (Blogspot)
And that’s a wrap on I/O 2022! We returned to our live keynote event, packed in more than a few product surprises, showed off some experimental projects and… actually, let’s just dive right in. Here are....

Make connections that Matter in Google Home (Blogspot)
We’re entering a new era of the smart home built on openness and collaboration — one where you should have no problem using devices from different smart home brands to turn on your lights, warm up your....

Take a look at our new Pixel portfolio, made to be helpful (Blogspot)
From phones and smartwatches to tablets and laptops — our day-to-day lives can be filled with so many devices, and dealing with them should be easy. This is why we’re focused on building hardware and....

Loud and clear, Pixel Buds Pro are here (Blogspot)
Have you heard? Google Pixel Buds Pro are here. These premium wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation bring you full, immersive sound — now that’s music to our ears. Pixel Bud Pros are built to....

Pixel 6a: More of what you want for less than you expect (Blogspot)
Our latest A-series phone, Google Pixel 6a, gives you more of what you want — for less than you’d expect. Pixel 6a is packed with the same powerful brains, Google Tensor, and many of the must-have features....

Ask a Techspert: How do digital wallets work? (Blogspot)
In recent months, you may have gone out to dinner only to realize you left your COVID vaccine card at home. Luckily, the host is OK with the photo of it on your phone. In this case, it’s acceptable to....

Get the full picture with helpful context on websites (Blogspot)
When you think about how you can stay safe online, you might immediately think of protecting your data, updating your passwords, or having control over your personal information. But another important....

A new Search tool to help control your online presence (Blogspot)
Have you ever searched for your name online to see what other people can find out about you? You’re not alone. And for many people, a key element of feeling safer and more private online is having greater....

Improving skin tone representation across Google (Blogspot)
Seeing yourself reflected in the world around you — in real life, media or online — is so important. And we know that challenges with image-based technologies and representation on the web have historically....

Google Translate learns 24 new languages (Blogspot)
For years, Google Translate has helped break down language barriers and connect communities all over the world. And we want to make this possible for even more people — especially those whose languages....

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Technology News    last updated 05/16/2022 @ 3:00 AM

Tech smarts: 5 silly ways you’re flushing money down the toilet (Fox News)
Here are five mistakes you might be making that will cost you.

5 major tech annoyances and how to fix them (Fox News)
Five smart ways you can use your gadgets to cure some of life’s little annoyances

Privacy how-to: Secure ways to hide naked photos (Fox News)
If you have sensitive shots of any kind you want to protect, keep reading

Traveling soon? 5 smart tech steps to take before you hit the road (Fox News)
Travel can be stressful, but these hacks can make a huge difference.

3 ways Incognito mode can save you (Fox News)
We willingly give our most personal data so often to advertisers, Big Tech, scammers, and everyone else looking to make a dime off us.

NReal AR glasses set to launch this spring in UK (Fox News)
Chinese augmented reality (AR) startup Nreal will be bringing its smart glasses to the U.K. this spring.

Shaun King's Twitter account disappears after liberal writer claims Musk takeover is 'about white power' (Fox News)
Liberal writer Shaun King appears to have left Twitter following his complaint that Tesla CEO Elon Musk's purchase of the social media platform is "about white power."

3 tech steps to do before you die (Fox News)
In today’s digital age, we have to plan for what happens to all our online accounts, data, notes, photos, videos, websites, playlists, blogs, and subscriptions once we’re gone.

Quick check to see if someone is spying on your computer (Fox News)
Here’s a check to see if there’s something very sinister going on — a copy of everything you do on your PC or Mac is being gathered and sent to who knows who.

Best smart LED lights for the money (Fox News)
Smart LED bulbs are an affordable, easy way to dip your toes into the smart home waters, and they offer a ton of perks in return.

30-second privacy check every Google and Facebook user must do today (Fox News)
You may not realize that the very moment when you signed in using your Facebook or Google account, you divulged more data tracking points. So much about you is collected, compiled, and sold to the highest....

Is your ISP throttling your speeds? Here’s how to check (Fox News)
When Im unsure if slow speeds or timeouts are part of a bigger issue, I hit Down Detector to see if others are reporting the same problem

Twitter suspends conservative ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ account for 12 hours over ‘hateful conduct’: report (Fox News)
Twitter account "Libs of Tik Tok" was suspended from the platform for 12 hours on Wednesday, according to reports.

LinkedIn reinstates Air Force vet's post after wrongfully calling it 'hate speech,' apologizes (Fox News)
LinkedIn reinstated an Air Force veteran's post about her impoverished childhood after it was wrongfully removed for violating the tech company's hate speech policy.

Revealed: Secret words IT pros use to describe YOU (Fox News)
Here are 10 insider words that you might hear that describe you.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 05/16/2022 @ 3:00 AM

At least 2 dead, multiple people injured in shooting at a Texas flea market, sheriff says (CNN)
A shooting at a flea market in Harris County, Texas, Sunday left multiple people injured and at least two dead, according to a tweet from the sheriff.

How long can retailers keep raising prices before consumers finally stop shopping? (CNN)
Worries about an economic slowdown are running wild on Wall Street. Despite concerns about inflation, higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve, supply chain issues and geopolitical turmoil due to....

Cars, cash, wigs and guns: How the Alabama jailbreak came to a deadly end (CNN)
The chaotic 11-day escape started with a simple lie.

Who's who in the Michael Sussmann trial (CNN)
The trial of Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann kicks off Monday in Washington, DC, and will feature a cast of characters related to the 2016 election.

Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Fetterman suffers stroke but says he's 'well on my way to a full recovery' (CNN)
John Fetterman, the favorite to win Pennsylvania's Democratic US Senate contest, announced Sunday that he's recovering after a stroke.

Progressive Democratic House candidates are being hammered by outside spenders (CNN)
As Democratic House members began planning their exits last year ahead of an expected midterms backlash, progressive outsiders were organizing, targeting soon-to-be open seats in traditionally blue districts. ....

Fights over school boards share ballot with North Carolina's Senate primary (CNN)
North Carolina's Senate race is among the most competitive in the nation this year. But voters across the state are also weighing in on highly contested school board races fueled by parents who felt voiceless....

Republicans and Democrats alike go after Mastriano in Pennsylvania governor's race (CNN)
The message was blunt to Pennsylvania Republicans in the closing days before the May 17 primary: Don't pick someone who can't win.

Elon Musk says Twitter legal team told him he violated an NDA (CNN)
Elon Musk on Saturday tweeted that Twitter's legal team accused him of violating a nondisclosure agreement by revealing that the sample size for the social media platform's checks on automated users was....

Robinhood soars after 30-year-old crypto billionaire takes stake (CNN)
Its been a brutal year for Robinhood. The twin plunges of stocks and bitcoin have crushed the online brokerage's sales. The company also reported a loss and drop in users. The stock has plummeted 40%....

First on CNN: Record-high gas prices slash US spending by $9 billion a month (CNN)
Pain at the pump may be forcing Americans to cut spending elsewhere.

Hundreds attend the Good Neighbor Day air show held in DeKalb County (CNN)

Grant going toward telehealth for children (CNN)

House passes Coastal Clean Waters Act (CNN)

Baseball players killed in overnight crash (CNN)

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