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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 02/19/2020 @ 10:47 AM

How does a 140-year-old newspaper reinvent itself? (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This week, members of the GNI Subscriptions Lab will lead sessions at the Mega-Conference in Fort Worth, TX to share best practices and opportunities to grow digital subscriptions in line....

"Parasite" searches ride an Oscars wave (Blogspot)
It’s been over a week since “Parasite” made history, becoming the first non-English language film to win Best Picture. And people are still talking about (and searching for) it.Surge in search interestThere....

New skills for Indonesia’s next generation (Blogspot)
As a teacher, Nur Ernawati believes in the value of lifelong learning—including for herself. Ernawati was one of 140 Indonesian teachers who signed up for a Bebras Indonesia course on computational thinking:....

Funding 21 news projects in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey (Blogspot)
Finding new and meaningful ways to engage readers is a hot topic for news organizations of any size, and the first Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa....

Addressing equity in CS curriculum with Kapor Center (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This post is authored by Dr. Allison Scott, Chief Research Officer at the Kapor Center for Social Impact. The Kapor Center received a Google.org grant, as part of Code with Google’s $25....

A home-grown news site for Peterborough (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: Today’s guest post comes from John Baker, Chief Reporter, Peterborough Matters. I’ve worked in local news for 15 years and experienced how meaningful it is to a community. As I’ve walked....

Get the reach of TV and the relevance of digital with Display & Video 360 (Blogspot)
Connected TV combines the reach and familiarity of traditional TV with the relevance and measurability of digital. For marketers to get the best of both worlds, we’re investing in connected TV advertising....

The Suite Life: 4 tips for a more manageable Gmail inbox (Blogspot)
The average person receives 120 emails a day, which means keeping your inbox under control can feel like an impossible task. Fortunately, G Suite gives you the tools you need to stay focused and organized.....

One man's mission to add civil rights history to Google Maps (Blogspot)
“I think in another life, I would have been a private investigator,” says Paul Kang. The Nashville resident is a paralegal for an immigration law firm, but it’s his hobby as a Local Guide on Google Maps....

GameSnacks brings quick, casual games to any device (Blogspot)
Look around on the bus, in line at a coffee shop, or even at the doctor’s office. You’ll likely see people playing games on their phones—and they’re a few of the two billion people around the world who....

Project Witness shows life in prison from a child’s point of view (Blogspot)
Editors note: Today’s guest post comes from John Legend, artist, producer and activist; and Ty Stiklorius, veteran music manager, CEO of Friends at Work, Producer and ActivistAt the age of 17, Jarrett....

Feeling all the feels? There’s an emoji sticker for that. (Blogspot)
Have you ever been so overwhelmingly filled with love that it moved you to tears? Or, perhaps you’ve laughed so hard you felt sick—and wished your phone had an emoji to convey that feeling? Whether you’re....

GNI Subscriptions Lab expands to Europe to help publishers grow revenue (Blogspot)
The news industry continues to face tough challenges as the way people find and access information changes. At the same time, we’re seeing promising results from publishers who are developing new business....

Annie Jean-Baptiste keeps asking, “who else?” (Blogspot)
As a child, Annie Jean-Baptiste wanted to be a pediatrician. But when her freshman year of college rolled around, her dream took a turn. “I started taking some of the classes and thinking ‘I don’t know....

Helping families Be Internet Awesome on Safer Internet Day (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: This is adapted from remarks Parisa gave today at the Grow with Google NYC Learning Center.When I was a kid, my brothers and I had to “take turns” using our family computer with slow, dial-up....

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Software News    last updated 02/19/2020 @ 10:47 AM

What happens to your social media accounts when you die? (Fox News)
None of us are getting out of this alive. With the advent of consumer tech and the internet, you can now make your wishes known in a myriad of ways. For starters, if you’re wondering where’s the best....

Pentagon wants to design unmanned ‘flying gun’ (Fox News)
The Pentagon is seeking millions for an unmanned flying gun that could handle airborne or ground-based targets.

Elon Musk takes shot at Bill Gates, cites 'underwhelming' conversations (Fox News)
Following an interview where Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates revealed that he purchased a new Porsche and gave credit to Elon Musk's Tesla for pushing the car industry to go electric, Musk took a shot....

Loch Ness monster: A history of the legendary beast (Fox News)
Theres no reason to think that the Loch Ness monster – colloquially known as "Nessie" – exists. However, the legendary dinosaur-like creature makes headlines every year. 

Could hackers turn satellites into weapons? (Fox News)
Hackers could shut down satellites and potentially turn them into weapons, an expert on cyber conflict warns

Navy preps its new USS Ford carrier for massive ocean warfare (Fox News)
Navy weapons developers say the service’s emerging Ford-class carriers are engineered for the purpose of enabling a much higher volume of high-speed, overwhelming air attacks in rapid succession, as compared....

Hamas hackers attempted to 'catfish' Israeli soldiers (Fox News)
Hamas hackers have targeted Israeli soldiers’ phones with fake social media profiles, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

US military's 'Jetson' laser can ID your unique heartbeat hundreds of feet away (Fox News)
The US military could soon spot you in a crowd — not by your face or your gait, but by your unique heartbeat rhythm. The Pentagon recently developed and tested a laser that can scan and distinguish....

Router checks, free credit reports, Windows help, and more: Tech Q&A (Fox News)
Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products, and all things digital.

Google marks Susan B. Anthony birthday, women’s suffrage with doodle (Fox News)
Women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony and her long fight for women’s right to vote are getting their moment in the spotlight on Google’s homepage.

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Latest News & Headlines    last updated 02/19/2020 @ 10:47 AM

Upon leaving prison, Rod Blagojevich announces his new party affiliation: 'I'm a Trumpocrat' (The Week)
President Trump went from berating former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for his lack of Harry Potter knowledge to commuting his prison sentence.In 2011, Blagojevich was convicted of wire fraud, attempted....

Men linked to white supremacist group plead not guilty (Associated Press)
Three men accused of being members of a violent white supremacist group called The Base pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges in a federal indictment in Maryland. Former Canadian Armed Forces reservist....

The Syria Trap: How Erdogan Made New Enemies and Enraged the Arab Community (The National Interest)
As Recep Erdogan sends Turkish troops and Syrian rebel fighters into Libya, it has become clear that the Syrian forces Turkey-backed were never meant to fight against Assad but instead do Turkey's....

China expels Wall Street Journal reporters over 'racist' headline (AFP)
China on Wednesday ordered three reporters from American newspaper the Wall Street Journal to leave the country over what Beijing deemed a racist headline, in one of the harshest moves against foreign....

A staggering 542 passengers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship (INSIDER)
quot;The quarantine process failed," said the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Kent State 'gun girl' claims students started a riot over her - police say they did not (The Independent)
A campus protest against the “Kent State gun girl” Kaitlin Bennett was not “a riot,” according to Ohio University police.Ms Bennett, who helps run a conservative website called Liberty Hangout and who....

Hunter Biden Served on Board of Trade Group That Lobbied Obama Admin for Increased Ukraine Aid: Report (National Review)
Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, was on the board of a trade group that lobbied the Obama administration for increased U.S. aid to Ukraine, according to a report Tuesday.From 2012....

Kidnappers prey with ‘total impunity’ on migrants waiting for hearings in Mexico (The Guardian)
Report finds 80% of migrants waiting have been abducted by the mafia and 45% have suffered violence or violationA score or so migrants crouch in the dark corridor of the safe house where they have been....

Michael Bloomberg Makes It to the Debate Stage. He May Regret It (Time)
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg faces the first test of his bid for the presidency as he takes the stage with his Democratic rivals

This purse was lost behind a locker in the 1950s. Its contents reveal what high school was like then (USA TODAY)
The purse belonged to Patti Rumfola, who graduated from Hoover High School in 1960. The school now currently serves as North Canton Middle School.

Man arrested after allegedly tracking U.S. source for Russia (CBS News)
A US official told CBS News that the government source is someone who has provided information on Russian intelligence services.

Tennessee inmate moved to death watch; attorneys seek stay (Associated Press)
Tennessee inmate Nicholas Sutton was placed on a death watch early Tuesday ahead of his scheduled execution later this week for the decades-old killing of a fellow inmate. Meanwhile, Sutton's attorneys....

Stacey Abrams says she's open to running as VP on Democratic ticket (Yahoo News Video)
Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia who called out alleged voter suppression during that election, said Monday that she “would be honored” to be the vice presidential....

China kicked out 3 Wall Street Journal reporters after it published an op-ed using a term that invokes the biggest humiliation in Chinese history (Business Insider)
China39;s foreign ministry cited a February 3 headline, titled "China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia," as the immediate reason for the expulsions.

Deaf Argentine abuse survivors target pope with defiant message (AFP)
Three deaf survivors of clerical sexual abuse from Argentina say they want Pope Francis finally to live up to his promises of reform -- and they are taking their call directly to the Vatican this week.....

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