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Customer Reviews

See what some of our clients are saying having chosen VVF Solutions for their technology needs! Being a small business ourselves we know how to choose and deliver technology solutions that's indivually tailored to our customer's needs. Last name and company have been omitted in order to protect privacy.

"I recently needed some help with my home setup. After spending quite some time working on this myself, I realized it would be easier just to call someone with more experience than myself in this kind of thing. Turning to VVF Solutions was the best decision I ever made. They responded quickly, and after explaining to them what I was trying to accomplish, they worked quickly and efficiently to finish the job. All this at a great price!!! Thanks VVF Solutions"
-Brandon B.
"VVF Solutions has been a phenomenal partner for our company. Vito is incredibly responsive, and his managed hosting solutions have been great for our clients. We build dozens of websites a year, and we always recommend VVF Solutions."
-Pete A.
"VVF Solutions has successfully handled our companies I.T. needs for several years. They designed and built our server and computer system with redundant back ups while keeping our companies growth and budget in mind. They are very responsive and help solve computer related issues either on site or remotely to help keep our system up and running at all times"
-Anthony A.
"Our company has worked with VVF Solutions for many years. We are extremely satisfied with the level of service and reliability. Vito is patient and always willing to find a solution. He is always available and very thorough. We will continue to work with VVF Solutions in the future."
-Monica M.
"VVF Solutions was great to work with - straightforward, capable, patient with the twists and turns our project took, and prompt in meeting their deliverables."
-Mary-Powel T.
"We are beyond pleased with our new Little Italy website! VVF Solutions was more than helpful and so easy to work with. Vito was open and honest with us 100% and made us feel confident in our decision to use VVF Solutions to design our site. His quick responses and attention to detail was so refreshing and comforting. We would definitely use VVF Solutions Inc. again!"
-Brianna T.
"VVF Solutions provided prompt and excellent quality support with two web applications my agency's internal IT unit was reluctant to support. Through their efforts, needed upgrades were made and the system became more user-friendly as a result. I would hire VVF Solutions again to work on any future projects."
-Josiane G.
"Vito is an amazing business professional who delivers consistently creative and effective IT solutions. He is able to do so within the constraints of time and budget- often exceeding the value of the original scope. He is a great collaborative partner and is capable in a broad skill set."
-Bill T.
"Vito Foraci is an innovative, well rounded expert and manager who cares for his team members. A Deadline oriented professional, he is able to fill any role necessary to complete the project at hand. Always very proactive and motivated, Vito is perhaps one of the most talented IT professionals I have had the pleasure of working with."
-Rich F.
"I've had the pleasure of knowing Vito for over 4 years. I've worked on various technical internal business projects. Vito is a rare breed who always finds a technology solution to solve tomorrow's business requirements and is very business savvy. He always delivered IT solutions ahead of schedule and under budget and has a knack for explaining technology to non-technical users."
-James C.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Vito for a number of years. It is rare to find someone as professional and competent who is also such a pleasure to share a project with. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient and is able to communicate his ideas and vision with ease."
-Ron S.
"Vito's rare blend of technical expertise and strong business acumen enable him to see the whole picture and finish projects ahead of schedule, troubleshoot problems quickly and tackle any challenge faced with. His response time is superb, communication skills are excellent and his analytical abilities are second to none."
-David M.
"Having been managing world class technology solutions for over sixteen years, I am happy to say that without a doubt, Vito Foraci is the best engineer, I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Not just for his technical savvy - which is second to none - but also for his ability to see the bigger picture, to comprehend the user mind-set, and the long term ramifications of seemingly otherwise innocuous changes made or requested by others in the moment.

I also found Vito to be highly skilled at finding the most efficient path to completion of major tasks at the code level - something that has stayed with me all these years later as I've gone on to manage other people and other projects. His ability to convey the reasoning behind his choices and decisions just further reinforces that talent.

If you have, until this moment, had any doubt whether Vito Foraci would be up to the challenge, no matter how great, let this moment be the one where you let that go. You'd be wise to listen to, consult with or otherwise hire him for whatever project he says he can tackle on your behalf."
-Alan B.
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