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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 09/28/2022 @ 1:14 PM

An #IamRemarkable facilitator on the power of self-promotion (Blogspot)
Editors note: This article discusses a person who had suicidal thoughts. If you or someone you know needs help, use Find a Helplineto access local emotional support resources.What do you gain from being....

Recovery, community and healing on the job at Google (Blogspot)
Just shy of a year ago, I can still vividly remember scanning The Keyword and coming across the headline, “How my recovery community helps keep me sober.”Fresh out of grad school, I had been working at....

Supporting the EU and securing the digital space (Blogspot)
Citizens companies and governments across the European Union agree that everyone should be free to live their lives and use technology without fear that their information will be stolen or held ransom....

12 women founders talk tech in Founded’s fourth season (Blogspot)
Womens entrepreneurship is rising — but women still own only one in three businesses globally. They also continue to get a small piece of the venture capital "pie”: Startups with all-women founders accounted....

Play The Descent of the Serpent, the first video game from Google Arts & Culture (Blogspot)
Have you ever wished you could discover ancient civilizations by immersing yourself in their world? Today, you can unlock the mysteries of the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica by experiencing them....

Google at the 2022 United Nations General Assembly (Blogspot)
This week world leaders gathered in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Google participated in a range of UNGA-related engagements as part of our commitment to collaborate with....

Helping publishers grow their digital business (Blogspot)
Before joining Google, Alejandra Brambila worked at Reuters helping publishers across Latin America integrate the news agency’s reporting into their publications. Working with newsrooms across the region,....

Work Diary: a Google Assistant marketer in San Francisco (Blogspot)
In our new Work Diary series, we show you what a day on the job is really like for Googlers with all sorts of roles and interests around the world. In this installment you'll hear from Seonah, who works....

9 years later, Chromecast has way more — at a lower price (Blogspot)
Since we launched it in 2013, we’ve introduced three generations of the original Chromecast, plus Chromecast Ultra for 4K and HDR support. Most recently, in 2020, we took our biggest leap yet with Chromecast....

News Showcase is launching in Spain (Blogspot)
I have very fond memories of me as a young girl sitting at the kitchen table with my father, reading the morning newspaper and filling out the crossword puzzle together. The tradition continues to this....

Supporting fact-checking communities with Nobel laureate Maria Ressa (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: Maria Ressa’s keynote speech at the APAC Trusted Media Summit 2022 below. Filipino-American journalist and author, Ressa is the co-founder and CEO of Rappler, who received the Nobel Peace....

New Chromebooks built with sustainability in mind (Blogspot)
The technology we use has a meaningful impact on the environment. And given how much people rely on laptops in both their work and personal lives, we’ve teamed up with our partners to build some more....

What we learned from launching a hyperlocal news brand (Blogspot)
Editor’s note from Ludovic Blecher, Head of Google News Initiative Innovation:The GNI Innovation Challengeis designed to stimulate forward-thinking ideas for the news industry. The story below by Enrique....

Continuing to support Ukrainians in challenging times (Blogspot)
In February 2022, Vira taught Ukrainian language and literature at a local school and lived with her family in Kyiv. When the war started, Vira and her family had to leave their home in search of safety....

Sprinting towards a more equitable and sustainable future (Blogspot)
Editors Note: Today, Google is launching the Portulans Institute’s first global Future Readiness Economic Index at the 2022 United Nations General Assembly. This report covers 124 economies, is designed....

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Technology News    last updated 09/28/2022 @ 1:14 PM

US Army fires Javelin anti-tank missiles from robots in key tech test (Fox News)
The US Army fired Javeline anti-tank missiles from seven-ton robots during a series of war preparations at a recent exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas

Hidden trackers invade your browser — how to delete them (Fox News)
Were on our phones all day long. But that means our data is vulnerable to many. There are ways to reduce what hackers can access and protect yourself.

John O’Hurley takes a gamble on a new tech tool that proves you’re human (Fox News)
A biometric smartphone app aims to make life easier and more secure by finding a new way to prove you’re who you say you are online

Google smarts: 5 ways to get more out of Gmail, Maps, Calendar, and Docs (Fox News)
Google pervades our everyday lives. We use it for everything from calendars to our email and document storage. There are ways to maximize these daily uses.

Facebook whistleblower launches nonprofit to address harms created by social media (Fox News)
Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, who has detailed how the tech company failed their ethical obligations, launched a nonprofit to solve social media harms.

How to get Fox News headlines on your iPhone lock screen (Fox News)
In order to add the Fox News widget to an iPhone lock screen, an iOS 16.0 operating system update is required. The Fox News widget includes the day's top stories.

Google Chrome is safe but here’s how to make it even safer to use (Fox News)
Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. There are easy ways to get even more out of the user experience with some simple tricks

iPhone and Android annoyances: How to fix the 5 most annoying things for good (Fox News)
We all use technology every day. Eventually, some of it will frustrate you or not work as well as it used to. Here are some tips on how to keep devices working.

Law enforcement turns to new tech solutions to help cops in the field (Fox News)
A growing number of police departments are turning to new mobile apps to help cops streamline the job, allowing them to better serve their communities.

5 ways tech can help you feel safer at home (Fox News)
Kim Komando shares five suggestions on how to make you feel more safe at your home with helpful apps and tips on how to install a security system.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 09/28/2022 @ 1:14 PM

Public service workers have until October 31 to apply for student loan forgiveness under temporary waiver (CNN)
Last year, the Biden administration temporarily expanded eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program -- but borrowers must apply for a waiver by October 31 in order to take advantage of....

Why a giant puppet is walking the streets of New York (CNN)
Shes dodged protesters in Greece, met the pope at the Vatican and posed beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Now a 12-foot-tall puppet is bringing her message to the United States as she walks the streets....

NAACP requests civil rights probe into Jackson water crisis, saying Mississippi has long discriminated against majority-Black capital (CNN)
The calls to quickly fix Jackson, Mississippi's water system are growing louder, with the US Justice Department and NAACP demanding not just answers from the state and its capital city, but solutions.

1 teenager dead, 4 other victims wounded after shooting behind Philadelphia high school, police say (CNN)
A driveby shooting behind a Philadelphia high school Tuesday afternoon left a 14-year-old dead and three other victims wounded, police said.

Harris calls China's behavior 'disturbing' and reiterates US support for Taiwan in speech (CNN)
Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday accused China of "undermining key elements of the international rules-based order" and called its behavior in the East China Sea, South China Sea and Taiwan Strait....

Biden tells Floridians to heed warnings over Hurricane Ian: 'The danger is real' (CNN)
President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned Florida residents to heed precautions and listen to officials as the "incredibly dangerous" Hurricane Ian barrels toward the Sunshine State.

Senate votes to advance government funding after Manchin drops plan amid GOP backlash (CNN)
The Senate voted on Tuesday to take up a stop-gap bill that would keep the government funded through December 16 as lawmakers work to avert a shutdown by the end of the week.

Supreme Court justices finally get together behind closed doors with a long to-do list (CNN)
After a three-month respite from last term's divisive decisions, Supreme Court justices will return to Washington on Wednesday for the first closed-door conference of the new term.

The Purple M&M is here, but not the way you might think (CNN)
Earlier this year, Mars shocked the internet when it unveiled new looks for its M&M'S characters. Gone were Green's iconic go-go boots, replaced by sneakers. Online, mayhem ensued.

Alice, the first all-electric passenger airplane, takes flight (CNN)
The world's first all-electric passenger aircraft has successfully taken to the sky.

P.F. Chang's is launching a subscription program (CNN)
First it was streaming services, then it was tacos and now the newest subscription you might be paying for: Chinese food.

White-hot demand drives Kia price markups to new highs (CNN)
Reversing a century of tradition, most cars now sell for over the manufacturer's sticker price. This is thanks to high demand paired with hobbled production due to global parts supply problems. But the....

NY State: Restaurant owner owes workers $1,000's in back wages (CNN)

Students walk out protesting trans policies (CNN)

Fraud bingo teaches seniors about scams (CNN)

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