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Google News    last updated 06/26/2022 @ 12:00 PM

How tech can support transformational growth in Africa (Blogspot)
This week, I was privileged to be in Kigali, Rwanda for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (‘CHOGM’) - a forum that brings together government, business leaders and NGOs from around the world....

It’s time for more transparency around government data demands (Blogspot)
As our lives continue to become more digitized, laws governing government access to personal information need to evolve to protect both public safety and civil liberties.America’s Stored Communications....

Your Chromebook now works better with your other devices (Blogspot)
During CES and I/O this year, we announced a few new Android and Chromebook features designed to help your phone and laptop work better together. Soon you’ll see some of those features roll out to your....

5 new features for Chrome on iOS (Blogspot)
When it comes to getting things done on your iPhone and iPad, there’s no place like Chrome. With the Chrome iOS app, you can securely save your passwords so there’s no need to keep guessing. Your payment....

Meet Nathalia Silva, a Cloud Googler and DEI leader (Blogspot)
Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and how they prepared for interviews.Today’s....

Spyware vendor targets users in Italy and Kazakhstan (Blogspot)
Google has been tracking the activities of commercial spyware vendors for years, and taking steps to protect people. Just last week, Google testified at the EU Parliamentary hearing on “Big Tech and Spyware”....

A search for bold ideas to drive climate action (Blogspot)
Google has been committed to climate action for decades — and during that time, we've learned that we can have the biggest impact on our planet by working together. That’s why we’re launching a $30 million....

How Sales Academy helped three women founders grow (Blogspot)
We frequently hear from startup founders that it’s difficult to acquire new customers and partners, especially when they’re just getting started. This can be even more difficult for underrepresented founders....

Working with news partners in Asia Pacific (Blogspot)
Wake up check the news … according to this year’s Reuters Institute Digital News Report, smartphones have become the main way people access news first thing in the morning. This is just one small example....

#WeArePlay: Meet the people behind your apps and games (Blogspot)
Every month, over 2.5 billion people visit Google Play to discover millions of apps and games. Behind each of these apps is an entrepreneur (or two… or three) with a unique story to tell. Some have been....

How AI creates photorealistic images from text (Blogspot)
Have you ever seen a puppy in a nest emerging from a cracked egg? What about a photo that’s overlooking a steampunk city with airships? Or a picture of two robots having a romantic evening at the movies?....

Improve your ZZZs with Fitbit Premium Sleep Profile (Blogspot)
A good night’s sleep can help you feel rested and recharged, while also playing a critical role in your overall health and well-being. Since the introduction of Fitbit’s sleep features in 2009, sleep....

Taking pride in our businesses (Blogspot)
A couple of years ago, my partner and I moved to Kentucky, not knowing anyone in the state. Before moving, I extensively researched local websites and online magazines, trying to understand the neighborhoods....

Supporting journalism in Europe (Blogspot)
When people searched for the “Twin Towers” in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, access to online news was unreliable. Websites crashed as people tried to keep up with the rapidly-developing story and....

Read all about it: A new look for Google News (Blogspot)
The rise of social media, mobile devices, notifications, apps and news sites around the world means people have more ways to get news than ever before. Google News gives people a simple way to cut through....

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Technology News    last updated 06/26/2022 @ 12:00 PM

How to get a hotel room cheaper than the best price online (Fox News)
Kim Komando shares tips on how to save money when booking a hotel while travelling, including using incognito mode to avoid tracking and get the best deals.

Artificial intelligence technology can secure sites by scanning major venues for weapons (Fox News)
Artificial intelligence is being used to aid in securing sites such as arenas, churches and schools by scanning for weapons, knives and other dangerous items

China accessed data of US TikTok users repeatedly, report says (Fox News)
Chinese officials had access to Americans' data on the Chinese-owned TikTok app for at least months between September 2021 and January 2022, according to leaked audio.

Never heard of Google Collections? It makes sharing links, images and plans a snap (Fox News)
Google is not always a beloved company but one that can be involved in almost every facet of your life. There's one function that has gone under the radar.

How to spot hidden surveillance cameras in your Airbnb, VRBO, and vacation rentals (Fox News)
Cameras can hide in vents, lamps, power outlets, and unsassuming objects like humidifiers and TV remotes. Here's how to spot them at your next vacation rental.

More Americans are buying and spending crypto-currency, leading to a big spike in crypto-crime. (Fox News)
It’s been an up and down year for bitcoin and other online currencies, with prices and values fluctuating wildly. And the instability is creating the perfect breeding ground for cyber-criminals targeting....

Apple AirTags, meant to help you track your stuff, have become tools of stalkers and criminals (Fox News)
Apple AirTags are supposed to help people track their personal items but investigators say that the product is being used for stalking and other crimes.

Apple AirTag stalking and tracking by criminals is a problem: here’s how to stop it (Fox News)
Coming in the size of a button, and with the ability to track anyone, Apple's AirTag is turning out to be a boon for stalkers, burglars, and other criminals

Tech tip: How to digitally sign a document on a PC, Mac, Android or iPhone (Fox News)
One way technology makes life easier is digitally signing documents. Here's how to make your digital signature look as personal and professional as ink.

Cybersecurity check: See if anyone is poking around your Gmail, Facebook or Netflix account (Fox News)
Every week a new scam enters the digital sphere and you often won't realize it until it's too late. Follow these tricks and tips to learn how to protect yourself.

Clever tech tip: Create an email address for your home (Fox News)
Kim Komando recommends one smart trick for every homeowner: Set up an email address just for your home.

Five clever ways to use your Echo and Alexa that you’ll wish you knew sooner (Fox News)
Five ways Amazon Alexa and Echo can enhance your life, like getting alerts if glass breaks or making sure your doors are locked.

Free tests to increase traffic to your website (Fox News)
Lets look at some smart, useful resources every website owner should use.

Erase these private details Google knows about you (Fox News)
Ever wonder about how much Google knows about you? More than you think, but you can defend yourself and protect your privacy with these simple tips.

Money-saving secret your cable and internet provider doesn't want you to know (Fox News)
If you’re heading off for a long trip, spending time in a seasonal home, or otherwise away, here’s a smart way to save money: Pause your cable and internet.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 06/26/2022 @ 12:00 PM

Lawyer releases pages from Brian Laundrie's notebook in which he admits to killing Gabby Petito (CNN)
The attorney for the family of Brian Laundrie on Friday released eight pages from Laundrie's notebook that was found near his remains in Florida in October last year, according to a news release obtained....

A 17-year-old sued his school for banning 11 'objectionable' books (CNN)
When school officials in New York removed 11 books they disliked from library shelves, 17-year-old Steven Pico joined a legal fight that would eventually take him and his school to the US Supreme Court. ....

CDC says gay and bi men in Florida need the meningococcal vaccine, to keep them safe in 'worst' outbreak in US history (CNN)
Dont be surprised if you see the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out at the LGBTQ pride parade this year or showing up on your dating app.

These students in Texas won't be allowed to wear dresses or skirts after fifth grade (CNN)
A North Texas school district has updated its dress code for the upcoming school year to ban hooded clothing as well as dresses and skirts for many of its grade levels, reasoning that the change will....

After year of historic political gains, Black women continue push toward governorships (CNN)
In 2018 Stacey Abrams came within 1.4 percentage points of clinching the governor's mansion in Georgia. Her stinging loss to Republican Brian Kemp is still on the hearts of many of her most fervent supporters....

Biden administration approves student loan forgiveness for another 45,000 public sector workers (CNN)
The Biden administration has approved the cancellation of federal student loan debt for another 45,000 public sector workers over the past few months, according to the Department of Education, on top....

Liz Cheney, fighting for political survival, seeks crossover support from Wyoming Democrats (CNN)
Embattled Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is turning to Democrats in her state as she looks to fend off a serious primary challenge in August, providing Democratic voters with instructions on how to change parties....

Analysis: The GOP's 'Stop Eric Greitens' campaign is officially underway (CNN)
Republican concerns that Eric Greitens could cost the party a Senate seat have reached a tipping point.

All the recession warning signs this week (CNN)
Its the question everyone is asking: Are we about to enter a recession?

The West wants to go further on Russian oil. Inflation is making that difficult (CNN)
Europe and the United States have barred the import of Russian oil to cut off a crucial revenue source for the Kremlin. But the plan to pile pain on President Vladimir Putin, forcing him to reconsider....

We use Q-tips the wrong way. Here's how that started (CNN)
Every Qtips box has a warning label: "Do not insert swab into ear canal," and if you're going to use it to clean your ears, gently swab the outer part only.

Kids learn coping and stress management during yoga class (CNN)

9 y/o child seriously injured in DUI crash (CNN)

Coast Guard rescues man from fishing vessel (CNN)

Free water activities announced (CNN)

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