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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 09/22/2018 @ 5:06 PM

Meet the bilingual Google Assistant with new smart home devices (Blogspot)
This summer, we’ve brought the Google Assistant to more devices across Europe and the rest of the world to help you get answers and get things done in more languages (most recently supporting Spanish,....

Step aboard Discovery with virtual reality (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: On the anniversary of the first launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery, we’ll hear from Dr. Ellen R. Stofan, planetary geologist and the John and Adrienne Mars Director of the Smithsonian....

Forecasting earthquake aftershock locations with AI-assisted science (Blogspot)
From hurricanes and floods to volcanoes and earthquakes, the Earth is continuously evolving in fits and spurts of dramatic activity. Earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis alone have caused massive destruction....

Throwing it back: Google leaders share their first summer jobs (Blogspot)
As the old saying goes, “get a summer job and you’ll stick with it forever.” Just kidding, no one says that. If they did, many of Google’s leaders—who earned their first paychecks serving burgers, planting....

U.S. wildlife to see (and maybe avoid) on your end-of-summer adventures (Blogspot)
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the National Trail System, which oversees more than 50,000 miles of trails across the U.S., and makes sure historic sites like the Pacific Crest Trail are around....

Protect your online accounts with Titan Security Keys (Blogspot)
Phishing—when an attacker tries to trick you into giving them your credentials—is a common threat to all online users. Google's automated defenses securely block the overwhelming majority of sign-in attempts....

How “Broad City" animator Mike Perry gets creative with a Pixelbook (Blogspot)
Editors note: With Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen, we’ve seen how tech can enable human creativity in outstanding ways. Mike Perry, an illustrator best known for his work on “Broad City,” recently spoke....

Wear OS by Google: Health and help are just a swipe away (Blogspot)
As you go about your busy day, every minute matters. We’re evolving the design of Wear OS by Google to help you get the most out of your time—providing quicker access to your information and notifications,....

Take a spin around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Google Maps (Blogspot)
I was eight years old when my dad took me to my first Indianapolis 500, one of the most prestigious car races in the world. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before—the track was buzzing with....

Unlock your team’s creativity: running great hackathons (Blogspot)
Creative talented employees have awesome ideas, but chances are they rarely have enough time to actually try them out and find out which ones are worth pursuing. To allow their imagination to run free....

Protecting your home with the Google Assistant (Blogspot)
Empty homes are more vulnerable to being burglarized, and it’s important to have a system in place that can monitor, alert and deter crime while you’re away. That’s where the Google Assistant can step....

Google for India: Building services for every Indian, in their language (Blogspot)
India has the second largest population of internet users in the world—and it’s only getting bigger. Around 40 million new users come online in India every year, and not just from metropolitan centers,....

Make Google read it (Blogspot)
We launched Google Go last year as a lightweight, faster way to search the web on devices which may have less space or less reliable internet connections. Today, millions of people around the world use....

Helping veterans make their next move in civilian life (Blogspot)
For seven years, I served in the Air Force as a civil engineer. My job was to make sure our bases, like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan where I did three tours of duty, were technologically and logistically....

Making it easier to identify veteran-led businesses on Google (Blogspot)
Since leaving the service in 2007, I’ve felt a strong pull to support my fellow veterans. I honor the  camaraderie and sense of community we share, and continue to be inspired by the new missions veterans....

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Internet News    last updated 09/22/2018 @ 5:06 PM

Friday Is Going to Be a Huge Day for Stock Traders (Bloomberg)
Two major market events that have the potential to send U.S. equity volumes sky-high will collide Friday. The first is the quarterly event known as “quadruple witching” -- when futures and options on....

Amazon just accidentally leaked details about 2 new Alexa devices ahead of an event today (Business Insider)
Listings for an Amazon Echo Sub subwoofer and an Amazon Smart Plug were leaked ahead of a company event on Thursday. The subwoofer is designed to work with Amazon's Echo speakers, which would also get....

How Pepsi-Co, Tesla and Michael Jordan are helping the Carolinas (Yahoo Finance)
AnheuserBusch and other beverage makers donated cans of drinking water to victims of Hurricane Florence. Early estimates show that Hurricane Florence has left a $22 billion path of devastation in its....

New U.S. LNG projects, enough to double exports, on verge of launch (Reuters)
New US liquefied natural gas terminals with enough capacity to double U.S. exports have either begun commissioning their facilities or are waiting for approval from the energy regulator, a review....

GE says four HA turbines in U.S. shut down due to blade problem (Reuters)
General Electric Co said on Thursday that four of its flagship power turbines in the United States have been shut down due to a problem with turbine blades that was discovered at an electrical power plant....

Women supporting Kavanaugh find themselves in storm's center (Associated Press)
It started as a series of phone calls among old high-school friends and ended up embroiling 65 women in the firestorm over a sexual assault allegation that could shape the Supreme Court. In a matter....

Spending Bills Leave Conservatives Frustrated (The Fiscal Times)
Lawmakers have been passing spending bills with unusual speed and little fanfare lately, most recently the $854 billion package covering the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Labor and....

Polish president: No one questions that Trump knows how t... (CNBC Videos)
In a joint press conference at the White House, President Donald Trump and Poland President Andrzej Duda answer questions about U.S.-EU relations.

I Bought an Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass and It’s Going to Save Me $10,000. Here’s My Master Plan (Money)
apos;Iapos;m not crazy, but I like a value.'

The Canadian cannabis producer that was in talks with Coca-Cola to make a CBD-infused drink is reportedly targeting a US IPO in October (Business Insider)
Aurora Cannabis is planning for a US initial public offering in October, the company's chief corporate officer said. The Canadian cannabis producer was reportedly in talks with Coca-Cola to make a CBD-infused....

Morgan Stanley: DEA Likely To Reclassify GW Pharma's Cannabinoid Therapy For US Launch (Benzinga)
Morgan Stanley expects the DEA to drop Epidiolex from Schedule I — the same level as cocaine, heroin and other illegal substances — to Schedule IV, where Xanax, Ambien and Tramadol rank. At worst, it....

Steel workers gear up for strike, potentially derailing Trump's steel resurgence (CNBC)
It would follows another strike by 16,000 U.S. Steel workers that was approved earlier this month, and together, they could hinder what President Trump calls a "thriving" industry in the U.S.

Micron Poised to Report Great Results, but the Outlook Matters More (Motley Fool)
Analysts are starting to worry about DRAM pricing, predicting a rougher 2019.

It feels like Apple is being cheap by not including an important accessory with the $1,000 iPhone XS (Business Insider)
Apples new $1,000 iPhone XS doesn't come with a fast-charging brick. You'd need to spend $70 on the relevant accessories to fast-charge the $1,000 iPhone XS. With a starting price of $1,000, the iPhone....

The Things I Wasn’t Prepared for When I Purchased My Home (GoBankingRates)
This family shares some valuable takeaways from buying a home.

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Technology News    last updated 09/22/2018 @ 5:06 PM

Bitcoin crashing, Netflix offline and more: Tech Q&A (Fox News)
I heard that airlines are now having auctions like eBay for business and first class seats. How can I bid?

Social media saves lives in Syria's Civil War (Fox News)
As the Syrian Civil War drags on, one American company is hoping to harness the power of social media to help save lives.

Sessions urged not to go after social media companies by technology activists (Fox News)
A group of technology activists and think tanks is urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to go after social media companies.

Google staffers wanted to manipulate search results to combat Trump's travel ban, emails show (Fox News)
Google is in the spotlight after internal emails show conversations between employees highlighting a desire to manipulate search results on the heels of President Trump’s controversial travel ban in order....

Amazon's new gadgets are just another data-collection scheme (Fox News)
To use the title of Brad Stone's seminal book about the nation's largest online retailer, Amazon is so much "The Everything Store" that it can be a little hard to remember when it was just a bookstore.

Nearly half all cell phone calls will be scams by 2019, report says (Fox News)
Close to half of all calls to mobile phones will be fraudulent in 2019 unless measures are taken to mitigate the surge, according to a new report.

Google: Apps can scan and share your Gmail data, with consent (Fox News)
Dont expect Google to completely cut off marketing firms from your Gmail inbox.

Amazon announced a $60 Alexa-enabled microwave (Fox News)
Has Amazon been taking meetings with Jack Donaghy?

Newegg hacked to steal customers' credit card data (Fox News)
Customers who made a purchase on Newegg in the past month may have had their payment card details stolen in a hack.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos touts Blue Origin rockets, Web Services at Air Force event (Fox News)
Jeff Bezos made a pitch for Amazon Web Services and his space venture Blue Origin’s New Glenn rockets during an appearance at the Air Force Association’s annual conference on Wednesday.

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